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Jeep Axle Swaps: Front Dana 44

Cut Dana 44 front
Photo courtesy Rick Boiros

Front Swaps

Dana 44
Dana 30

Rear Swaps

Dana 60
Dana 44
Ford 9"

Jeep Axles

Factory Options

Scout and Wagoneer front Dana 44s are good canidates for swapping into a CJ, but shortening is required to maintain stock widths. These axles can also be put in uncut by moving the spring perches outside of the frame. An article below discusses doing this with Scout axles on a CJ.

If you are going to get axles cut, wide track CJs only need the long side shortened. A narrow track CJ would need both sides shortened to keep the stock width. Pictured above is a Scout Dana 44 narrowed to narrow track specifications on Rick's '77 CJ-7.

The Scout and Wagoneer Dana 44 front axles are close enough to the proper width for Wrangler YJs. One spring perch needs to be moved slightly on the Wagoneer front end. The difficulty with the YJ is finding knuckles that allow full steering.

Front Dana 44 Swap Stories

YJ Dana 44 Swap Swapping a SJ Dana 44 into a YJ : How to swap a Cherokee/Wagoneer Dana 44 front axle into a Wrangler YJ. This is probably the easiest Dana 44 front end to swap into a Wrangler.
44ed YJ Scout Dana 44s under a YJ: When evaluated as a hard-core off-road vehicle, the Jeep YJ is often praised for its excellent fuel-injected motor and panned for its weak axles and low, limited-articulation suspension. This is nothing a spring over with Scout Dana 44s won't cure.
SOA YJ Wrangler Axle Swap and SOA : Chris Waterman tells us how he swapped an early Bronco Ford 9" and Dana 44 into his Wrangler YJ. The transformation was enhanced with a spring over axle lift at the same time.
DIY Dana 44 Front End for CJs: John Nutter explains how he shortened a Dana 44 front end in his garage.
CJ Scout Axle Swap:Scott Peterson swaps uncut Scout Dana 44s under his CJ. The Scout Dana 44 swap is one of the easiest.

Uncut Front Dana 44 Sizes

The accuracy of the dimensions is not guaranteed, get out your tape measure.

Model/Version Spring Pads Wheel to Wheel
Dana 44/Scout II 58"
Dana 44/Narrow Track Wagoneer 58.4"
Dana 44/Wide Track Wagoneer NA
Dana 44/Early Bronco NA

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