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Terry Howe's '81 CJ-7

'81 CJ-7
(Holy Cross City Trail)


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'81 CJ-7
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I have a '81 Jeep CJ-7 with 258(4.2L) I6. A cast aluminum valve cover from Clifford keeps most of the oil from spraying out of the 258. A Centerforce clutch transfers power from the engine to a Ford T-18 4 speed. The T-18 is mated to a Dana 300 transfer case with an adapter from Advanced Adapters. The Dana 300 features a Currie twin stick shifter.

I recently swapped my 3.54 geared axles for a custom front Dana 44 and a Jeep Commando rear Dana 44. These axles are geared with 4.27:1 ring and pinion on Detroit Soft Lockers. The front Dana 44 was built by Predator Four Wheel Drive in Colorado Springs and features what ever lock outs I have lying around that aren't broken. The Commando 44 I bought from Darron Birenheier in upstate New York. The Commando 44 is a great, low buck, bolt on upgrade for '76-'86 CJs. The final crawl ratio, thanks to the T-18, is 6.32*2.6*4.27=70.2:1.

It also has a 2 1/2" suspension lift made up of Rancho springs, Con-fer shackles, and Dick Cepek shocks. I painted the shocks black and used black boots so it won't look like a show truck. All this makes plenty of room for 32"X11.50" BFG Mud Terrains.

Jeep Interior

The "interior" features a custom 6 point roll cage with two outside spreaders, two inside spreaders, and a bar across the dash. The two inside spreaders surround a console for a Radio Shack CB and a dome light. The gauges are stock except for Sunpro Tachometer and vacuum gauges. Tunes are provided by an Acoustic Tape/Radio and amp with some extra speakers on the roll bar.

In case of trouble, a Warn 8274 winch is mounted on the front. This winch is rated to pull 8,000 pounds on the first wrap of the 150ft spool of 5/16" cable. Too keep the winch running, I have dual Die Hards in a Wrangler Power Products battery tray. The batteries are wired in with a Wrangler Power Products Isolator and battery manager. A winch accessory kit helps me make pulls at angles and without damaging the environment.

Jeep Mom

There is a RockWare bumper on the front and a Tomken bumper on the rear. The rocker panels are protected with Off Your Rocker rocker panel guards. I also have a high lift jack and a big beafy 4" tow strap.

Early this year I did a power steering conversion, added York compressor, and a 26 gal Aero fuel tank. I still haven't converted the air conditioning compressor for on board air. Belts are hooked up, but the plumbing isn't.

Jeep Tech Articles

new RockWare Bumper Review : RockWare has recently introduced a new bumper for CJs and Wranglers. The bumper integrates a winch mount into the bumper which gives the bumper a very clean appearance.

Flip Your U-Bolts: Are you tired yet of dragging, bending, and breaking your axle u-bolts on rocks? Well flip your u-bolts to gain ground clearance and protect them from damge.

E-Z Axle Bearing Repack: Reduce down time, repack your bearings in seconds.

Jeep Heater Motor Upgrade: Keep out the winter cold by upgrading your heater motor to a high output one from an early 70s Chevy truck.

Family Jeep History

Jeep Mom

In my family, Jeeping is a bit of a tradition. My parents had a Wagoneer when I was growing up that unfortunately rusted to pieces before I managed to become a licenced driver. Pictured above is my Grandfather, Mother, and Grandmother with their Willys Wagon in 1951. They are cooking up some dinner on their cross country trip.

My first Jeep was a '78 CJ-5 with 258 I6 and Jeep T-18. The body had an extreme rust problem and the carb needed rebuilding. Basically everything was wrong with it. I'm still sorry I sold it. Second Jeep is the current Jeep '81 CJ-7. I also owned a '93 Wrangler for two years. It was a real nice ride.

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