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Jeep CJ Mirror Quick Release

by Terry L. Howe

Mirror Quick Release

Ever jump in your Jeep after a trail ride, drive off, and remember you forgot to readjust your mirror before leaving? Ever whack your head on your mirror while working on your Jeep in the garage? I have and I finally did something about it. I used a solution that has been bouncing around Internet gear heads for a couple years, I used a mt. bike seat post quick release. The cost was nothing since I had a box full of miscellaneous bike parts from wrecked bikes. If you don't have one lying around, a trip to your local bicycle shop and you can score a used seat post quick release for nothing or next to nothing.

The installation is simple, remove the bolt holding the mirror arm, install the seat post quick release, and adjust the mirror. Tricky part is using the quick release correctly, I even see hard core cyclists that don't know how these things work. When tightening down the quick release nut, the lever should be open (normally concave out). When the nut is snug (not tight), flip the lever and it will tighten up. The lever should go all the way, if it doesn't, the nut is too tight.

Now when I hit the trail, I flip the lever, push the mirror over the cowl, and lock the lever. I don't have to worry about ripping the mirror off on a rock or tree. I can easily move the mirror back and forth while I drive.

Mirror Quick Release

Mirror out of the way with quick release lever up.

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