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Hi-Lift/Jack-all Mount

by Terry Morris

Hi-Lift jack mount, back view

Following is the procedure that I created to mount a 4 ft high lift jack directly behind the rear seat perched on the wheel wells. Most of this is common sense and you may wish to modify to your wishes...however this gives you the idea. The nice thing about this is that is "rollover proof" and it out of the elements and occupies space otherwise wasted.

Materials list

  • 2-metal flat stock (scrap from local welding shop) 6"L x 1.5"W x .25" deep
  • 2- 1/4" x 3" hex head bolts
  • 2- 1/4" wingnuts
  • 2- 2" fender washers (with 1/4" holes). You may want a few extra.
  • 2- 1" or so washers (with 1/4 holes). These will nest "inside" the jack when on it's right under the 2" washers. You may want some extra's here
  • 2- grade 5 or better hex head bolts 1/4" longer than the inside roll bar bolt (take it with you to the hardware store to get the right pitch.

Extra's: I drilled a hole through my "add-a-trunk" and ran a hex head bolt through it with a wing nut on the inside. I could then lock the gate and therefore secure the jack.


My objective was to get the jack as close to the rear seat as possible. Here is what I did:

Hi-Lift jack mount bracket close Mark flat stock with f/r markings (so you can follow me). Drill a 1/4" hole (centered) about 3" from the front of each piece of flat stock. This will be where you reinstall the longer roll bar bolt. Drill another 1/4" hole (centered) about 1" from the front side for the 3" hex head bolts.

Hi-Lift jack mount with carpet over Run the the 3" hex head bolts through the front holes of the flat stock and install them so the head is down. Use the hex head bolts to secure the flat stock to the roll bar with the head up. The bolt going into the rollbar holds the bolt head tight against the fender (you may want to put a thin piece of rubber to prevent squeaks). Replace the carpet and cut a small hole to allow the bolt to protrude through the carpet.

Take the base off the jack and install the jack with the handle toward the rear of the Jeep (the top of jack will be on passenger side). Put the drivers side bolt through the bottom of the jack and the passenger side bolt through the top of the jack. You'll see how neat it mates up when you do it. Slide the small washers down first, then slide on a large washer, then screw down the wing nut.

You're finished! I've put rubber on the handle and zip tied it to keep it quiet.

Hi-Lift jack mount top Hi-Lift jack mount bottom

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